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Can I find a new job if I am on Workers Comp?

What happens if i find a new job while under the care of Workers Comp?

In some scenarios, you may wonder if you should look for work elsewhere. Maybe you feel the employer will discriminate against you if you go back to that same employer? Or maybe you are unsure if you still have a job or not? Whatever the scenario, youre free to look for work elsewhere but you may want to contact a lawyer before you do so to discuss your options. Generally speaking, if the employer that you were working for when you’re injured no longer has a job for you, you’re free to find another job.

Keep in mind though, that if you do decide to go back to work, that you need to adhere to your restrictions. This means that you want to work in a job thats able to accomodate your restrictions. Working beyond your restrictions can not only cause more injury to you, but it also has a negative affect on your workers comp claim. Its also important to notify the adjuster that you have found a new job.

If you find a new job and that job pays less than your previous job did, then the workers compensation insurance carrier may owe you the difference in pay. An attorney can help you with obtaining lost wages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our attorney at 210-885-3408.

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