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4 Important Steps to Take in Your Workers’ Comp Claim

Its important to know what to do after youve been injured on the job. Its important that you file a workers compensation claim as soon as you are hurt. There can be consequences if you dont file timely.

If you’re going to file a workers’ compensation claim, be sure to follow these 4 steps:

1. The Importance of a Work Accident Report

The first thing you should do after youve been injured at work is to fill out an incident or accident report. Go to your HR office or supervisor and request to fill out an accident or incident report immediately. If you do not fill out this report within a timely manner, your case could be denied.

Every business operates differently but its normally the responsibility of your company’s Human Resources department to fill this report out or help you fill this report out. When you are filling out this report, make sure to include:

  • The date you were injury

  • Names of any witnesses who had knowledge of the injury

  • Where the injury or accident took place

  • The injuries you sustained as a result of the work related incident

2. Choosing the Right Treating Doctor

Many Claimants believe they can treat with their family doctor or PCP but your PCP may not know the ins and outs of the worker comp process. You will likely have to treat with a workers compensation physician. They are familiar with the exact forms and paperwork needed.

3. Deadlines

Workers’ compensation cases have strict deadlines to adhere to. If you don’t file your workers comp paperwork by a certain deadline, the insurance carrier may deny your claim.

4. What to do When the Insurance Carrier Contacts You

Usually within 48 hours of filing your claim, the insurance company may call you. They may ask you additional questions and may even ask that you provide them a recorded statement. Its always advised that you seek legal counsel so you dont say anything that may hurt your case. Always remember, insurance carriers try to avoid a big payout so they are always looking for reasons to deny a claim. They are not your friend.

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