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Workers Compensation Injury Vs Nonsubscriber Work Injury? What's The Difference?

If you've been injured while working on the job, the financial recovery you might receive for your injuries is determined by two different sets of laws. The applicable set of laws is determined by the type of insurance your employer has. So your employer's choice of insurance coverage doesnt just limit the amount that you can recover, it completely defines the rights you have or do not have.

The easiest way to explain this is, if your employer purchases workers' compensation coverage, then one set of laws will apply to your case, whereas if your employer elects not to subscribe to workers' comp coverage through the state, then an entirely different set of laws apply. 

It Is Important To Understand The Differences Between A Workers Compensation Claim And A Nonsubcriber Work Injury Claim. Both Claims Are Extremely Different Than The Other And Different Laws Apply To Both. That Is Why It Is Crucial To Discuss Your Rights with Qualified Legal Help To Determine Which Laws Apply To Your Case. We Assist You In Determining Which Laws and Strategies Apply To Your Specific Case.

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If you are suffering from the consequences of someone elses actions, you have a right to take legal action. We are here to help! 

As a dedicated workers' compensation attorney, I've helped hundreds of clients seek the compensation that they need to recover from injuries and get back to their normal lives. We can determine whether you qualify for workers compensation benefits and help you fight to get approved for those benefits.

We handle a wide range of workers comp cases and can help you file your claim for benefits. 

We Make the Process as Quick and Seamless as Possible. Just Fill Out The Contact Form And Begin Speaking With A  Work Injury Attorney For A Free, No Obligation Case Review to Receive Professional Legal Advice. 


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A Nonsubscriber is a company who opts out of the Texas Workers Compensation Program. Even if a company opts out this program it is still liable to cover the expenses of a work injury.

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Workers Compensation claims cover your lost wages and medical expenses in the even you are injured on the job. 

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Third party work injuries occur when the employee of one company injures an employee of a different company.

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Injuries that occur when a subcontractor is injured by another subcontractor or general contractor 

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Car Accidents

Filing Workers Compensation claims against employers and insurance companies 

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Oil and gas drilling sites are dangerous and can lead to severe injuries. If your injuries were caused by another company you have have a claim for additional damages. 

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